Nia Llenas

Nia has been a competitive athlete most of her life, from youth basketball to collegiate throws.  After experimenting with Crossfit for most of 2011, Nia came to Roanoke Barbell Club in the summer of 2012 to train for her first powerlifting meet and hasnt looked back. She also has the most beautiful dreadlocks you have ever seen.

Best Lifts

  • Deadlift 420 1RM
  • Yoke 600 for 65 ft
  • Farmers 230/hand 75 ft
  • Log Press 175
  • Atlas Stone 220×5
  • Keg Carry 170 for 140 ft


  • 2013 Blue Ridge Mountaineer Strongwoman 1st place (Open)
  • 2013 Virginia Commonwealth Games Strongwoman State Championship 1st place (Open)
  • 2013 9th place America’s Strongest Woman
  • 2014 9th place Arnold Strongwoman Classic

Interesting Fact: Nia works in organ procurement, loves Texas rap and has a 7 year old Minecraft and Lego fanatic

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